Le programme langues-études à l'école secondaire du Mont-Sainte-Anne, une ouverture sur le monde !

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Programme Langues-Études 100 - year 1

Semester 1 (20%)

  • Create A Personality Quiz Project
  • Invention Project
  • Science-English Project: Animal ID Card
  • Book report no. 1
  • Cap Tourmente outing in English (September)
  • A 2 day-trip to Montreal (Cosmodome, Science Museum,  Cinéma) (November)

Semester 2 (20%)

  • A Christmas Adventure Tale
  • Computer Animation Project
  • Science-English Project: Solar System Project
  • Giant Comic Strip Project
  • Book Report no.2
  • Bilingual Exchange - week in Quebec City

Semester 3 (60%) 

  • Tourist Brochure
  • Cooking Show Project
  • Create A New Fashion Project
  • A Year In Time Project
  • Book Report no. 3
  • Bilingual Exchange - week in English Canada

Mid-Cycle Outcomes (June Exam)

  •  English monitor
  •  Corresponding to twin
  • Computer Lab English TV at home
  • Friday's games

Programme Langues-Études 200 – year 2

  • Be a Ride Engineer Project
  • Newspaper Project
  • Computer Lab Project: Rock Star!!!
  • Reading in Action Magazine – Quiz1
  • 2 day-trip to Montreal (The Gazette, Pointe-à-Callière, Museum, Biodome, Insectarium, Bell Centre, Cinema (October)

Semester 2 (20%)

  • Improving the Human Body Project 
  • Science-English Project: Infomercial Project (renewable energy)
  • Radio Show Project
  • Tourist Brochure Project
  • Computer Lab Project: Classic Movies!!
  • Reading in Action Magazine – Quizzes 2-3
  • Contact Day in Old Quebec and sugar shack (February)

Semester 3 (60%)

  • Theater
  • Create and Act a Theatre Play Project
  • Famous Artist Project
  • Reading in Action Magazine – Quizzes 4-5
  • Cultural Trip to Orlando (April)
  • Cap Tourmente outing in English: Geo Caching (May)

End of Cycle Outcomes (June Exam)

  • English monitor
  • Computer Lab
  • Pen pals from English Canada
  • English TV at home
  • Friday's games

Programme Langues-Études 300 – year 3


  •  Horror Movie: Script and Video
  • Rally: How well do you know your own school?
  • Murder Mystery Dinner: Who Killed the Teacher?
  • Theatre Play: In a Galaxy Near You
  • The Story Book for elementary school students: The Creation of Animal Kingdom
  • English Teen Magazine
  • English Monitor
  • Computer Lab
  • Québec City English outing (Bodies Exhibition, Ghost Tour, Rally in Old Quebec, etc) (october)Cultural trip (May)
  • Mid-Cycle outcomes (June)


  • Ce cours se veut une initiation à une troisième langue.

 Programme Langues-Études 400 – year 4


  • Rewrite a classic fairy tale into a modern day story and play it
  • High School Reunion: 20 years later…
  • Publicity campaign Project (in newspaper and on the radio)
  • Be A Teacher For A Day Project (prepare a lesson in Geography, History, Science, etc and give it to the rest of the class)
  • English Teen Magazine
  • English Monitor
  • Computer Lab
  • 3 day-trip to Ottawa (hockey game, parliament, museums, wave pool, etc) (November)


  •  Ce cours optionnel est offert à ceux et celles qui veulent parfaire une troisième langue. (Disponible aussi en secondaire 5)

 Programme Langues-Études ELA – year 5

  • English Language Arts: Ce cours s’apparente beaucoup à un cours d’anglais langue maternelle plutôt qu’à un cours de langue seconde.
  • Cultural Trip to New York City


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